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don't laugh

i put air in my tires today. with run-flats a change in the barometer always causes low tire pressure.  which is really frustrating. when i got out to my car this morning i grimaced at the alarm.  in the past it has always meant that I had to find a nice tire plae that would put air in for me.  i found this frustrating. and a bit embarrassing. see, putting air in a tire makes me REALLY nervous. do car tires pop?  i have no idea but the idea freightens me.  today though, i faced my fear.  i stopped at the shell, on the way home from clinicals, and it took me $2.00 worth of quarters, but inflated my tires to 33psi like it says on the inside of my driver’s side door.  checked it with my electronic tire pressure gauge.  the rear were 0.5 high, so i let a bit out.  now, don’t laugh but i am very proud of myself. i just did it and it is all good now. yeah me!

this is turning into a weekly thing

i usually spend a lot of time writing my blogs.  i don’t have a lot of time these days.

thanksgiving was brilliant.  i spent way too much money on food, but the party was great.  very proud of how it went.  everyone enjoyed themselves.  not a lot of left-overs.  though i did get almost an entire pumpkin pie to myself.  i think i’ll make 2 more.

i am starting to rethink partner relationships.  the intimate relationships i have right now, feel very good.  perhaps i would be better off not having a partner, but having multiple close connections.  they don’t all even have to be fully sexual.  they could be more about holding or caressing.  of course, things are balanced for me right now (even with the not so hot grade % in med surg) and i don’t feel like i need more.  that could change any day though.  and who would i be able to go to?  can’t go to my mom.  can’t go to my best friend.  there are some people i think i could go to a little.  they would be able to help me in a bind, assuming it wasn’t a long commitment.  i think most people are willing to help you out, if it won’t take too much energy.  but what if i need something longer term?  i really don’t have anyone, and yet, i feel ok with that right now. am i delusional?  have i achieved enlightenment? (hee, her, that was a joke…i mean, i am still visible)  has the fall from grace i have experienced just given me a new patience?  am i delusional?  oh, i already asked that.  that is a bad sign, isn’t it?  i liked being married.  i just didn’t like the issues we couldn’t seem to resolve.  but maybe this whole partnership thing is foolish?  and yet, what about when i really need support?  and then again, is that all partners are for?  i mean, if i can get emotional connection and support from friends, do i just want a partner for those dire moments?  if my friendships are deep and satisfying, what is a partner for?  i do like the idea of “mine”.  but isn’t that fraught with peril?  what if something happens and they aren’t mine anymore?  i always had complete faith in my bond with patrick.  by that i mean, i was never afraid someone else would get in the way.  but will i feel like that with the next person?  is that just me or does it depend on the bond?  i feel jealousy, sure, i think that is natural, but to have it impacted my behavior?  will it be worse if i don’t have someone that is “mine”?  of course, this is all theoretical as i have no possible partners at this time. and it kinda feels like i won’t for a while.  i guess i am wondering how comfortable i should let myself get with the intimate relationships i do have right now.  hm.

i feel good and part of me thinks that is a mistake.  i guess we’ll know in a little less than 3 weeks.

i just keep learning stuff about myself

really, best therapist ever!  today i contemplated why all of my long-term relationships started with me saying, “i don’t want to be in a relationship” and then i was in one and then it failed (i use that word to express it ended, but that decision was not mine).  is it because sabotaged the relationships by not committing to them to begin with?  or was i right, i shouldn’t have gotten into those relationships, and somehow i didn’t stick to my guns?  (which isn’t to say i didn’t get good things and wonderful memories from patrick and andreas, the fact still is, they ended and it wasn’t my idea)  am i a commitment phobe?  i don’t feel like i am.  of course, i do feel different now.  as i have said in previous posts, i am ready to have a relationship, something i have never said before.  and yet i have had them.  i am not sure which case it is, but i think figuring it out would be very informative.

we also discussed the idea of when to explain my motivation and when not to.  i prefer to explain to people WHY i did/thought/acted like i did.  i prefer other people do the same for me.  having someone, for instance, not show up to an event they had previously confirmed is very stressful to me.  i want to know why.  even if it is a bad reason.  but most people aren’t that way.  and, though it feels good to explain why i do/think/act a certain way, it doesn’t always help.  so i am trying to learn when not to do it.  it’s hard.

i am not going to chico for christmas!  hurrah!  too much trouble and too much studying i need to do.

tonight i gave a friend a massage.  it was an appropriate massage. and though i wouldn’t like giving free massages every week, they are fun to do sometimes.  there is this flow you get into.  it’s awesome.  not quite a runner’s high, but definitely a groove.  we started the evening by dissecting the world around us (one of my favorite pastimes) and then the massage.  it was very nearly a perfect evening, really. (my med summary being done would have made it perfect)

i am already behind on my studying.  i should have gotten through more of my pedi review by now.  there is a party saturday night.  my friend troy’s first party since his accident last december.  but finding myself behind like this means i might have to skip it.  applying for a student nurse position is also on my to-do list.  so many things i need to get done.  so little time until the NCLEX next may!

oh poo.

as expected, i failed my endocrine exam.  i am bummed.  i really studied and i felt like i got it.  i did make 3 dumb mistakes, which would have meant passing (barely).  i ran out of time on this exam.  it was tough.  harder than any of the other teachers.  i really like the instructor too.  i wanted to do well for her.  i am worried i will have to give up everything between now and finals to get through.  people are always surprised when i do poorly.  elizabeth, who sits next to me in lecture, said the nicest thing.  i was lamenting how i did.  she commented that i was smart.  i replied that i was obviously a moron if i was doing so poorly.  she said, “no, there is a difference between being smart and testing well.”  i thought that was a nice thing to say.

i took last week off.  i was terribly social.  and it was just great.  but it ends now.  now i go back to living for nursing school.  i know i can do this.  i really enjoy the info and what it means to understand all these things.  i just need to figure out a better way to study, considering i don’t memorize well at all.  it makes me sad though.  i enjoy this all so much and i am on the brink (my average is now 80%) of failing out entirely (you fail one class and it is over, which makes sense to me, honestly).  anyhow, i am going to work on my paperwork and then bake tonight.  baking will help.

OH!  i found my lunchpail.  or rather, the bldg maintenance chick, janette, did!  i asked her if there was a lost and found.  she said it was the secretaries office and asked what i lost.  i replied “my pink lunchpail with cupcakes and ponies on it”.  she laughed but said she would take a look.  and she found it!  hurrah!  something good happened today, at least.

oh my goodness…

i really need to get better at this blogging thing…

kitten cuteness…the kitten covers. and whomever did this, has excellent taste in music.

think i failed my endocrine exam. which sucks, because i studied really hard. and i thought i understood it. and i really like the teacher. everyone was blown away though.  i am never alone in these things.  hopefully that means they will throw out a bunch of questions. why do i get 98s on pedi and 72s on med surg? i find med surg SO much more interesting.

my friends brooke and sarah both want me to use them as references for applying to a nurse tech position at st david’s here in austin. that was awesome.  and i shall do that on wednesday.  i am sacred about my future, but i am not freaking out.  i realize, a lot of you can’t imagine that i freak out.  but i do.  just inside my head. and occasionally to people VERY close to me.

i attend a movie in a friend’s backyard this weekend (with my luscious boy toy even!).  it was V for Vendetta. and, wow, is that movie relevant or what? ok, we aren’t quite at that totalitarian extreme, but every time they used the word “rendition”, i thought of bush’s, then obama’s, “extraordinary rendition”. i realize there are details that we don’t know. details we can’t know. and i know that there is a minimum level of security that i want from my government, that might entail doing some “bad” things. but are we slouching towards gomorrah? the movie is based in the UK but the US has found itself in a bad way. a way that sounds entirely possible:

Lewis Prothero: “Here was a country that had everything, absolutely everything. And now, 20 years later, is what? The world’s biggest leper colony. Why? Godlessness. Let me say that again… Godlessness. It wasn’t the war they started. It wasn’t the plague they created. It was Judgement. No one escapes their past. No one escapes Judgement.”

mind you, i don’t think god (or a lack thereof) is what is doing it to us. i think it is us doing it to us.  anyhow, it makes me think a lot about the occupy wall st people.  i would love to join them.  but i think the best thing i can do for society right now is finish my degree. and yet, are there other ways i can support them?  is what they are doing worth it?  i am afraid, if they finally give up (which they will have to as their resources are hardly infinite), it will only embolden the bankers and financiers that the american people were too apathetic to join them.  it will say we aren’t afraid of what corporate finance is doing to us and we are willing to take it.  i think that is a bad thing.  my friend, and boy toy, ross and i have been discussing this.  only the smartest boy toys for me (seriously, he is an econ major and wants to get a graduate degree in it.  how business/economy nerdy is that?!).  anyhow, our discussion has had me thinking deeply on the subject of how we effect change.

then, my friend troy posted an economist article (hmmm, there is that word-root again..econ…) that explained very well the debt rise and fall. repent at leisure. i don’t find it earth shattering, it is pretty basic finance and banking. but i also think it is put nicely. i guess the big question is…who is going to lose? creditors? the elderly, poor and unemployed? even i agree austerity is needed, but where? (i just hope i end up on the other side soon) the problem with the article though, it doesn’t suggest a solution. a friend of troy’s linked one of the RSA videos about WHY it all happened (a perspective, at least) crisis of capitalism (can’t figure out how to imbed it. the page on youtube doesn’t have the regular options in this case). and i like this even more (cause i have always been a ‘why’ person). at this point, for the rest of what i am going to say, you really need to watch the video… i agree with the guy. but i also think that his argument, a marxist one, is the same as putting together pieces of all the other “genres” (will make sense once you watch it). i think my bottom line is people are selfish. they will do what they have to in order to get more for themselves and their “loved ones”. that being the case, how do we level the playing field, assuming we can get everyone to agree that people living and dying in the streets after the ultimate marginalization is a bad thing? i don’t want to over regulate. is a tax on net worth, my friend troy’s idea, (minus retirement savings, since that is capped yearly and taxed when you take it out) appropriate? i wish that i cared so much about finance/banking/accounting/economics to have dedicated my life to finding a better way. but i just don’t feel that strongly about anything. which isn’t a bad thing. the world needs some middle ground people too. anyhow, here is our photo from watching the film…one of the guests printed out guy fawkes masks for us all!


good scores and bad scores

got 100% on my dosage exam!  got a 72% raw score on my med surg exam.  that is failing.  but the teacher threw out 5 questions, 3 of which i had gotten wrong, so i ended up with a 78%, which is passing.  kinda crazy, eh?  endocrine exam on monday.  that one is going to be tough.  very complicated system.  interesting though.

sex life.  great.

i finished my sewing from a pattern course tonight!  had to finish some things at home, but it is done!  it isn’t perfect.  one flaw in particular really bugs me.  but i am still very proud.  and more than that, i know how to alter the pattern and it will fit perfect next time! i will be waiting until thanksgiving to do that.  need to be school responsible. i am going to wear red shoes and a red tail with this dress.  very dorothy.


had a weird dream last week.  i was on the clinical floor and helping one of my clients.  and then it was 2pm and i realized that i had not seen any of my other clients yet.  no meals, meds or ADLs (activities of daily living).  freaked out a little.  went into the first room and the client and his wife were standing there, both in hospital gowns (?).  the client said, “so, you remembered us, eh?” then i can’t remember anything else.  but i thought that was a very strange dream.  i am turning into a nurse.  it’s kinda cool.  but i miss my superhero dreams!