oh poo.

as expected, i failed my endocrine exam.  i am bummed.  i really studied and i felt like i got it.  i did make 3 dumb mistakes, which would have meant passing (barely).  i ran out of time on this exam.  it was tough.  harder than any of the other teachers.  i really like the instructor too.  i wanted to do well for her.  i am worried i will have to give up everything between now and finals to get through.  people are always surprised when i do poorly.  elizabeth, who sits next to me in lecture, said the nicest thing.  i was lamenting how i did.  she commented that i was smart.  i replied that i was obviously a moron if i was doing so poorly.  she said, “no, there is a difference between being smart and testing well.”  i thought that was a nice thing to say.

i took last week off.  i was terribly social.  and it was just great.  but it ends now.  now i go back to living for nursing school.  i know i can do this.  i really enjoy the info and what it means to understand all these things.  i just need to figure out a better way to study, considering i don’t memorize well at all.  it makes me sad though.  i enjoy this all so much and i am on the brink (my average is now 80%) of failing out entirely (you fail one class and it is over, which makes sense to me, honestly).  anyhow, i am going to work on my paperwork and then bake tonight.  baking will help.

OH!  i found my lunchpail.  or rather, the bldg maintenance chick, janette, did!  i asked her if there was a lost and found.  she said it was the secretaries office and asked what i lost.  i replied “my pink lunchpail with cupcakes and ponies on it”.  she laughed but said she would take a look.  and she found it!  hurrah!  something good happened today, at least.

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