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oops. sorry.

I didn’t not realize it has been 3 months since I last blogged! sorry about that. time flies. seriously, days are a blur. November was insane. it was the second and then it was thanksgiving. totally bizarre. I suppose one of the reasons my last post was so long ago is that we changed my meds. my psychiatrist and I felt things at St. David’s were mellowing out, I was feeling more comfortable and confident. so we stopped a med (we discovered I had been taking a sub-therapeutic dose of anyway) and decreased one of my anti-anxieties. nope. wrong. bad idea. and I knew it QUICKLY. like in a week. so we went back on them and things got better. now I am spooked about changing anything but do feel that we should try again maybe after I have been with st. david’s for a year (March). anyhow, things are pretty good otherwise.

playmate is going well. attended shrine (a type of party in austin). it wasn’t what I had hoped, but it was nice to be around like-minded (about sex) people. even saw someone I work with there. we are going to try again and change where we go and at what times. we will see. in general though, great playmate and the sex does wonders for my stress relief.

baked 8 pies for thanksgiving. 2 blackberry, a pecan, a non-dairy chocolate cream and 4 pumpkin. I took two pumpkin and half a pecan to the office (I did not work that day). the night after thanksgiving I was both dismayed and delighted that my fellow nurses had not finished both pumpkin pies! I was dismayed because, HEY, I BROUGHT YOU 2 AND A HALF HOMEMADE PIES! but I was delighted because I didn’t get enough pumpkin pie up until that point so MORE PUMPKIN PIE FOR ME!

look! pie for me!

a sucky thing that has happened lately, and makes me feel weird, is in the last 2 weeks (maybe a month) 3 of my friends have been diagnosed with cancer. one colon mets to the liver, one nasal and one breast. was there with the them and the doctor in two cases. it just feels weird. these friends of mines lives are being threatened! they all have great prognosis so far, but still, they could die. how is that possible? are my friends and I too young? well, no, this is when that starts to happen. but I love these people.I told two of them I would go to every chemo appointment when I wasn’t working, even if I worked the night before. and I will. I will fight SO hard for them! but I will also respect their will. no “don’t give up” talks from me. that is mean. I will be there for them ALL. THE. TIME. the universe sucks. my dad is perfectly healthy (as far as we know) having smoked and drank his life away. and yet my friends, MY FRIENDS, have cancer. the universe is an asshole these days.

gonna have to leave texas if the supreme court overturns Roe v Wade. don’t want to leave my friends but cannot stay in a state that caused that. if they over turn it completely and abortion isn’t legal in any state, I will seriously look into moving abroad. canada is the easiest. i’d rather go to the UK. one step at a time.

my friend Joey, who owns The Glass Coffin: Vampire Parlor is having a “Naked People Reading” event and I wanna be a reader! do you think that would be a problem at work? I cannot decide. here is a picture of my halloween outfit at the grand reopening of The Glass Coffin.

halloween! I went to The Glass Coffin, thai food, went to see my second favorite band (The Hives) and took reese’s to my coworkers who had to work on my very favorite holiday!

I was in an article in the Austin Monthly about Death Positivity in Austin. it was weird. the whole first paragraph is about me. and I get quoted a lot. it is quite flattering but also weird. we have received a bunch of publicity as a result. supposedly a bunch of new people are going to show up this sunday. we will see what happens. I hope the people that are interested “get it” and aren’t disappointed because we don’t advocate or sell anything. it is a discussion group about death.

all my current round of condo-projects are complete. the spare bathroom is remodeled (see below). I built a new dining table (pictures don’t do it justice – no I did not lathe that queen ann legs, I bought them).next condo thing I want to do with have the entire place repainted (except the two bathrooms and my bedroom as those have already been done). that will cost THOUSANDS of dollars though. I want to replace all the internal doors with solid core doors but doors are expensive and then it costs just as much again to have them hung! perhaps I will just do one at a time. each door with cost like $600 so I can only afford one at a time. it would be great to get my bedroom and bathroom doors redone though. I should really start saving for that. it would look MUCH nicer with those doors rehung,

isn’t the new spare bathroom just BEAUTIFUL?
lucy would have loved the hell out of this bathroom!
this is Scruffie the parking lot cat! yes, the second parking lot cat who came to live with me. this particular cat WALKED into my neighbor Bonnie’t condo one day. we had been trying to trap her for over a year and one day she just walked right in. again, I have the biggest condo of all the cat people so she is living in my spare bedroom as Snape would try and kill her. not sure what I am going to do but she LOVES rubs!
my new more-mini Mini Cooper. it is a 4-door but still far more mini than my previous countryman. my lease was up on that car so I had to buy a new one. had to order this one builds because they had NO new cars on the lot. everyone bought cars during the pandemic. I have named her Wednesday. not only does she look like a Wednesday, I picked her up on a Wednesday!
I put an elastic waist into this overlay for this outfit. I had seen a similar dress online that was expensive and not in my size, so I made my own. I was terrified about sewing with tulle as I have heard nightmare stories but it went ok. I had an existing seam to mark from so that helped a lot. but still, I am darn proud!

and on the 385th day of March 2020, i broke my glasses

i cannot remember the last time i actually BROKE a pair of frames. college maybe? we were on a family trip and Andy and i were jumping on the beds in the hotel room and my glasses flew off and i stepped on them. maybe? i scratched the hell out of a lenses helping pack the garage once. but broke frames?

the most recent prescription in a pair i have in my “old glasses” drawer is pre-trifocals. so that is pretty old. and i work tomorrow night. won’t be able to go to the optometrist until tuesday afternoon. and i have no health insurance right now. not for another month.

did i mention my lenses cost $500 because the prescription is so complicated? takes weeks for them to be made too.

fucking universe. what the hell did i do?!

i got a job. i am back and St. David’s. please don’t mention it to anyone. i cannot control who reads my blog (apparently more people than i realize) but please don’t chat about it. of course, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet so my stress is not completely gone.

it has been a very nice welcome at St. David’s. lots of people recognize me and have welcomed me back. i haven’t worked there in 5 years, i think? everyone has been super nice and i am falling back into the hospital routine nicely. they have improved SO many processes it just makes me so happy. my therapist was always trying to get me to quit at HACH. and only now do i realize how much stress and anxiety i was holding while working there. we can speculate until the cows come home as to why, but suffice to say feel good. just waiting for that fat lady to sing.

i have tried to glue the arm of my broken glasses back on. we will see how that works.

my kitkat clock only has one eye because he fell off the wall and it got damaged. the damaged eye meant the eyes and tail would not go back and forth. but when i took the one eye out, it worked. i need to devise a patch for the missing eye!
i went to visit my friend Luna at her vintage store in Temple one day and i decided to dress up. she is a milliner and a seamstress extraordinare! i felt i needed to wear a hat. ok, i really wanted to dress up and wear a hat. it was a lovely visit.
you cannot see them very well because of the shadow, but i found some very inexpensive glass drawer knobs and used them to hang my necklaces in the bookcase (this is the bookcase that is getting the facade, don’t worry i won’t have an all white bookcase). this lightened up how my goth vanity looked as they have been hanging all over there. i am just very proud of this idea and the execution. anyone have a project for me? i am on a roll.
this was another bookcase project. i needed a bookcase in my sewing/cat room for my sewing and fashion books. but i wanted something that did the rest of the style of the room justice. i had seen a spin on what i ended up doing and just loved the idea. i bought an old vintage frame, had a box the side of the frame made (asked the guy who made the box out to dinner but he flaked. i was sad. i really enjoyed talking to him) and then painted, glued and hung them together! DO NOT EVEN TRY TO HANG SOMETHING THIS BIG ON A WALL BY YOURSELF. i was dripping in sweat. and y’all know i do not sweat. as it is the Lucy memorial room, i put her votive candles in the bookcase. she watches me sew and the cats frolic.


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