Daily Archives: November 28, 2011

don't laugh

i put air in my tires today. with run-flats a change in the barometer always causes low tire pressure.  which is really frustrating. when i got out to my car this morning i grimaced at the alarm.  in the past it has always meant that I had to find a nice tire plae that would put air in for me.  i found this frustrating. and a bit embarrassing. see, putting air in a tire makes me REALLY nervous. do car tires pop?  i have no idea but the idea freightens me.  today though, i faced my fear.  i stopped at the shell, on the way home from clinicals, and it took me $2.00 worth of quarters, but inflated my tires to 33psi like it says on the inside of my driver’s side door.  checked it with my electronic tire pressure gauge.  the rear were 0.5 high, so i let a bit out.  now, don’t laugh but i am very proud of myself. i just did it and it is all good now. yeah me!