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A quick update

So, I didn’t move to Philadelphia last October as I planned. I had a job, but could not sell my condo. But now I have sold it. I start a job with Temple University Hospital 6/5. I am also buying a new condo. Here is the MLS link: 1238 Callowhill St #808

I want to change the spiral staircase to a staircase with a slide. The do exist. I googled them. I just think it will be easier and less scary to slide down than walk down. It will depend on the space. I’ll keep you posted. (And cannot possibly afford one. Consulted some handy friends on making it. Complicated).

I will be on the Heart Failure floor at Temple University Hospital. LVADS and the whole nine-yards. I am perfecting reading EKG strips like a Cardiologist!

Gandalf has not been excited about all these changes (Did y’all know Snape went to live with my friend Fred’s mom? They are very happy together. Though, it appears Snape likes Susan’s neighbor Richard the most). First I remove a bunch of things from our home. Then I repaint everything white and remove virtually everything! She basically sits on top of me all the time. Makes me think she was abandoned, not born on the streets. But she is definitely coming with me. I decided that one plane ride was going to be easier than 4 days in the car. Getting her some drugs. We will see. I think she will really like my new place as she’ll have lots of things to run on (see photos in link above).

My friend Kimberly took an awesome picture of me while we were wondering around Unusual Objects a few week ago.

In February we had an ice storm. Not as bad as the Snowpocolpse in Feb 2021. People were without power longer (I was fine). But, there was ice on the road. And I don’t drive on ice. The hospital offered to pay for Lyft drivers. Seriously? Unless that Lyft driver shows me their Winconsin drivers license because they only moved to Austin two weeks ago, I AM NOT GOING TO FEEL ANYMORE SAFE THAN IF I WERE DRIVING! So, I slept at the hospital for 2 days. My coworkers were amused by me Leopard onesey.

I took my my morning shower in the VIP room!

Speaking of nursing…I had to wear the light blue scrubs of shame twice in the last month. What are those you ask? Those are the surgical scrubs you have to change into when you get an unpleasant patient body fluid on you (or anyone else really, though it is normally a patient’s body fluids). The time in the photograph it was poop. The next time it was urine. Sigh.

(Pretty cute nurse though, right?)

Sorry it has been like a year since I posted. All sorts of weird life decisions and changes. I am gong to miss my friend’s in Austin VERY, VERY MUCH. But most of them are planning their exit from Austin (and certainly Texas, as well). I just cannot do our governor (Oh sure, more and more people (and kids) being shot in public isn’t about guns, it is about mental health. Oh wait, did’t you gut the mental health budget a couple of years ago? Say something to the effect that it was people just not being responsible?) and the heat. Global warming is real. And Texas is getting unbearable. So! Philadelphia has seasons, and bands, and bullet trains to NYC and history. Please feel free to come visit! Maybe my spiral staircase/slide will be set-up already!

what reduces my stress

my kitchen counter being clean and no dishes in the sink reduces my stress. being I work 12 hour shifts, getting every possible moment of sleep is important. but, if I stop and load my dishes in the dishwasher I am not as stressed when I wake up or when I come home. weird.

not exercising before work reduces my stress. weird, right? but I have realized something about it wound me up and it made me anxious walking into the office. of course, working there at all causes a lot of anxiety in general. of course, I need to find a way to introduce my exercising back into my days. not sure how yet.

spending many hours the night before my first night of work making food for my lunches and pastries in stressful. not having good food to eat isn’t better, but I felt this pressure to spend all my time cooking when we all know I hate cooking. made me not even want to bake.

leaving my clean scrubs on the floor of my room instead of folding them and putting them away reduces my stress. I am not sure why but I HATE folding scrubs. yuck.

I applied for a new job today. it was sort of a result of a random text exchange trying to make plans with my friend Andrea. she mentioned she had been working in the interventional radiology department as a float. I find the work fascinating. she said they were looking for people. I said tell your boss I am interested! her boss text be like 30 min later. I went in to talk to the director and the manager the next morning after work. did a job shadow on friday. it was FASCINATING. I saw them suck clots out of a guys brain! he was awake! the clots were HUGE! after it was done he already had about 90% of his original functioning back on the effected side. THEY. MADE. BLOOD. FLOW. IN. HIS. BRAIN. AGAIN! so cool. it is day shift. 5 days a week.it will be weird going to 5 days. I am little nervous about my knowledge base (generally people are from critical care (ICU, ED) and I work in acute care (though the pts on PCU have a very high acuity, so, I am used to sick people). in fact, I had a pt last night who kept going into SVT! HR jumping from 110 to 170! she said she felt fine. I really liked her. could have done without the c-diff though.

my AMAZING Wolf and Badger bought Bluzat dress (Bluzat is a Romanian designer)

going to see NIN in Philadelphia with my playmate. yeah, I know, big risk. when I sent him my flight details I stated that traveling with someone, I feel, is the biggest test to any type of relationship. he bought tickets on the same flights. we will see how it goes. I am OVER THE MOON to see NIN after so long. it will be nice to be able to express all that pent-up emotion once we get back to the airbnb as well.


fresh made cheery lime scones and a good book! (I have finally found an amazing scone recipe and they don’t even take that much time. I am going to be a scone baking fool before long!)
this is my new couch. have I already posted this? I don’t care, this is my new couch. notice how quickly gandalf took to reclining elegantly upon the chaise.

snape having gone to live with my friend Fred’s mom Susan reduces my stress. snape was an asshole at my place. she did obnoxious things just to annoy me and harassed gandalf. apparently she is perfect at Susan’s house. she gets all the attention and Susan is delighted to have her and Susan’s friends are totally into hearing the latest on snape. snape also loves laying there bathroom floor as the hot water pipes run under it and keep it warm.

in my everlasting search for a good night’s sleep I have discovered Three Spirit beverages and it’s sleep enhancing flavor. (picture of bottle below) it was described to me by one of the baby nurses as alcohol-free booze. like a fancy mixed drink without the booze, is probably a better way to explain it. and I think it helps. I have had a drink before bed for 3 shifts and I have been very awake for all 3 shifts. like people were like, “um, heather, why are you so bouncy?” anyhow, I recommend it.

I went to visit my friend Steve in Indianapolis in february. or was it march? I don’t remember. I flew up to go to his DJ night. I had a FANTASTIC time! Steve is an excellent host. we ate amazing food. he friend’s were super nice. his teenage daughters were super cool (one of them even had a ghost purse like it was the big sister of my small ghost coin case!) each of the DJs that played were totally unique. it was different. when I go to clubs with DJs each DJ is different but still well within the genre. these DJs had totally different styles. it was a great night. then I flew home. of course, steve and I did dress up in our onesies for fun!

work art. I call this “popcorn, grey top, first night clogs”. yeah, I looked down there was a grey top lab tub and a piece of popcorn on the floor in front of me. I took a picture. that is about it

having laundry in compact piles separated by load reduces my stress. although, stuff all over the floor of my bed room stresses me out, if it laundry that is separated, it actually reduces stress. perhaps because it has the anticipation of being clean laundry? of course I hate folding scrubs, but, I enjoy folding sheets/blankets. sheets because patrick taught me to how to fold a fitted sheet before I moved to austin. blankets because then I get a “linens set” together that I get to put in my linen closet and I can pull as a pre-made set to change my sheets. which I do every other Wednesday. yep, I am THAT organized.