i baked a lot of cupcakes this weekend

went to a party, started to make cupcakes, messed up the recipe (never do it from memory heather), did it again. then made some for work. i am cupcakes out.

just for the record, all partners/playmates bring something different to bed. there is no perfect partner/playmate. you experience something meaningful with each of them, or you don’t go to bed with them. there are all sorts of adjectives you can use to describe your partner/playmate in bed. purple is odd though.

now that the CDC says i can roam free, it feels weird. kyle and i went to dinner at the last restaurant we ate at before the stay-at-home orders were put in place (the next day, it turned out). we even sat at the same table we sat at that last night over 14 months ago! (see photo below – that’s my male BFF Kyle).

i am on my own at work. i am doing ok. sure wish i could talk about my pts. but, nope.

i made this dress. the hem isn’t even and there are a couple of other things i need to adjust, but, look at it!

since seeing a painting in paris i have always wanted a dress with a heart cut-out. i found one. i am also wearing the Fluevogs that i painted! yep, i painted them black.
i bought the top in this photo from one of my favorite german designers, Femkit. it was also on sale. BOOM!

have i already posted this? i just makes me SO happy! fiscal hip-hop!
Dessa’s – Who’s Yellen Now?

Dessa sings a lot of Hip-Hop style music. i am not sure how else to explain it other than it is woman, reality proud.

yesterday was World Fluevog Day and i did NOT buy a pair of Fluevogs. of course, i am going to the oddities expo with Morbid Curiosity in june and will go to the store. but, baby steps.

hemming a full skirt is a bitch. just so you know.

2 thoughts on “i baked a lot of cupcakes this weekend

  1. It really was nice seeing you out tonight. It’s only been a year and a half? Anyway, I’ve learned to be grateful to see people as we come out the other side. Life’s short.

  2. I guess what I meant to say plainly is that I’m grateful to have seen you. Here on this Earth, to share these remaining days still.

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