life is pleasant. there are good things and hard things.

i found a playmate and they are a very fun playmate! a generous lover. (THERE WERE NO CAMERAS INVOLVED – seriously, no recordings) and we made great porn tonight (that is as much as you get). perhaps some of it is being physically alienated from people for over a year, perhaps it is getting older, or maybe it is just them, but touching has just been so sensuous. i think maybe i have always been very sexually touchy-feelie though. anyhow, it is a good thing and i appreciate it.

i have also discovered a vibrator that “puffs” instead of vibrates. it is hard to explain except “puff” is an entirely accurate description. anyhow, if you are in the market for a new vibrator, let me know and i will fill you in.

work is hard. there is so much to learn. i know i am still being vague about work but i am not quite comfortable sharing everything yet. i really really like it there. everyone is awesome and the things i am learning are fascinating. of course, i feel behind in some ways. nursing school was a LONG time ago and my cardiac experience is old. but i am getting there. i do have 9 years of nursing experience, even if most of it was hospice. i am very happy where i am. i should have moved sooner but at least i have moved now.

and the new office is a whole new set off people to impress with my baking skills! i baked a pie for fun, made fresh cinnamon rolls for someone’s last night and tonight i will be bringing “coffee cake literally” cupcakes. somewhere else to take my baked goods!

after getting home at almost midnight tonight i finished painting some shoes, finished sewing the pocket on the inside of my red wool cape, made cupcakes and finished a book. it feels good to be accomplishing things when i basically just need to stay awake.

i had my hair braided at Sherwood Forrest Faire.

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