Monthly Archives: April 2021

brushing my teeth is essential

i mean, brushing one’s teeth is essential for everyone but for me it is a requirement for a good shower. see, if i don’t brush my teeth first, i don’t enjoy my shower as much. i do having to get up and brush my teeth and take a shower. it is busy work and i don’t want to waste the time, but i do want clean teeth and a clean body (especially after my morning workout). if i can convince myself to get out of bed and brush my teeth, i am ready for the day. but since i don’t like brushing my teeth, it is a constant battle.

and i hate washing dishes so much that sometimes i don’t eat because i don’t want to deal with the dishes. usually this happens when there are already dirty dishes. i feel i need to wash the dishes (which includes unloading and loading the dishwasher) before the bottom of the sink disappears. weird huh? it isn’t that i don’t have any clean dishes (i own a LOT of bowls, Lucy and i ate a lot of things that went in bowls), it is that i find the dish situation unacceptable and cannot eat until it is rectified.

should i tell my therapist about these quirks? i bet everyone has weird stuff like this. right?

the only thing left on my home i want to have done is for it to be professionally painted and new interior doors (solid doors, not cheap hollow doors). there is the katzenbad (cat bathroom) but that doesn’t count. they don’t care and i will do that myself at some point). both of these items are expensive. so, they stay on the list for a while. should i do doors first? doors aren’t cheap and they charge you almost as much to hang them as buy them. can i hang my own doors?

if you look closely you can see some fish on the screen of Spot the iPad. it is a game for cats. Gandalf LOVES it. it it quite adorable to watch her bat at the screen.
there are a pair of Fluevog boots i really want to buy. but i am going to wait. i am going to wait until i sell some of my Fluevogs i don’t wear much and i can try them on in the store in NOLA when i am there in June for the Oddity Expo with Morbid Curiosity.
i could not for the life of me find my shoe. i knew that the last time i had seen it i was in the kitchen. i looked EVERYWHERE (even inside kitchen cabinets which really scared me because if i found it in a kitchen cabinet that would be bad). and then i had to move the cat condo so the man coming to install my new blind would have room. and there is was. i dark grey shoe against a black and grey cat condo.
i have always wanted a dress that had a heart shaped cut out on the chest. there was a painting in paris of a woman in a gold dress with a heart cut out. also a photo from a fashion magazine of a woman in a black with dress a heart cutout ringed in white fabric. well, now i have found one. i found it on #wolfandbadger. i am also wearing my newly painted Flue-nicorns. (a Flue-nicorn is a pair of Fluevogs that you dream of but are as rare as a unicorn). see before and ofter photo of Flue-nicorns below.

the sky is really the limit on shoes now. bad.


life is pleasant. there are good things and hard things.

i found a playmate and they are a very fun playmate! a generous lover. (THERE WERE NO CAMERAS INVOLVED – seriously, no recordings) and we made great porn tonight (that is as much as you get). perhaps some of it is being physically alienated from people for over a year, perhaps it is getting older, or maybe it is just them, but touching has just been so sensuous. i think maybe i have always been very sexually touchy-feelie though. anyhow, it is a good thing and i appreciate it.

i have also discovered a vibrator that “puffs” instead of vibrates. it is hard to explain except “puff” is an entirely accurate description. anyhow, if you are in the market for a new vibrator, let me know and i will fill you in.

work is hard. there is so much to learn. i know i am still being vague about work but i am not quite comfortable sharing everything yet. i really really like it there. everyone is awesome and the things i am learning are fascinating. of course, i feel behind in some ways. nursing school was a LONG time ago and my cardiac experience is old. but i am getting there. i do have 9 years of nursing experience, even if most of it was hospice. i am very happy where i am. i should have moved sooner but at least i have moved now.

and the new office is a whole new set off people to impress with my baking skills! i baked a pie for fun, made fresh cinnamon rolls for someone’s last night and tonight i will be bringing “coffee cake literally” cupcakes. somewhere else to take my baked goods!

after getting home at almost midnight tonight i finished painting some shoes, finished sewing the pocket on the inside of my red wool cape, made cupcakes and finished a book. it feels good to be accomplishing things when i basically just need to stay awake.

i had my hair braided at Sherwood Forrest Faire.