i could literally feel it in my body

i had 4 text messages when i woke up saturday evening to go to work. they all referenced how i as going to get to stay in the US because Biden was now the president-elect. as i was sitting at work, i turned to my coworker and said, “I can just feel how less tense my body is since i heard trump lost.” i think i am going to shoot for the new year in terms of coming off my anti-anxieties. might be able to go back to sleeping without anything though. i certainly hope so.

so, bathroom remodel is done except for the mirror. that comes in on friday. not sure how i am going to hang it though. it is REALLY heavy. the old one was stuck on with, what looked like, epoxy. it was a trial by fire and there was an ugly cry. the pipe from the wall was a smidge too low. so, i hired plumber. and that did NOT go well. he was from Stan’s Heating and Air Conditioning. and he was lazy and didn’t seem to think about what he was doing. the last plumber they sent, who fixed my shower, was AMAZING. this guy had to go to home depot because he forgot smoothing. i had asked for the p-trap to be placed and he didn’t do that. he gave me a list of things to buy to do it myself. i should have said something as this was something i had asked for when i called to have them come out. i think he didn’t do it because, again, he had the wrong parts. my pipe is 1 1/4″, he brought 1 1/2″. he also told me that i would be able to set it up offset (which was a BIG deal) but that was not exactly the truth. no, you could not turn the pipe connector and the offset would be 1-2″. NOT helpful. and he got ugly about it. anyhow, when he came back and i pointed out that i needed to be offset by quite a bit and the vanity HAD been where it needed to be when he arrived the day before. again, he hadn’t been paying close enough attention. he then told me it would be another $500 to move the pipe. um, no. anyhow, he put the p-trap in so i had something to model once i got the sink siliconed into the top of the vanity. i accepted that it would not be offset but discovered it wouldn’t even sit flush against the wall. tried to hook it up and it leaked at every joint.

i cried. i ugly cried. in a ball of the floor sobbing. the cats wanted attention since i was on the floor. i just cried at them, “no! i need someone to give to me. i can’t give anymore right now”. they looked hurt.

i am tired of feeling like i have to fight for everything in life. the floor people had to come back 3 more times. the plumbing still wasn’t right. and it takes so much energy. trying to advocate for pts. keeping people at a social distance. i am so very tired of it all.

anyhow, my friend randy had pity for me, took a long lunch, and came over and set it up. he showed me what needed to be done AND it was offset so my vanity is where is is supposed to be! take that Stan’s! (yes, i will be asked for at least some of my money back). anyhow, here is what it looks like without the mirror.

oh, and a few hours later my AC died. seriously, not kidding. coil fix for $3264 or $3800 for a new unit. seriously, 2020? am i that horrible of a person universe? bathroom remodel went over by $1000 thanks to plumbing (pipe and toilet). so, instead of paying for it all in advance i am looking at ~$3800 on my visa (there may be a 0% interest loan i can get). seriously?

i think i have broken my record for home long it has been since i have had sex. old record was 8 months and i was in nursing school. i am now at 9 months thanks to the pandemic. sucks.

in all though, with the election being over, i feel better. i am totally sad about suddenly having these huge expenses. but, you know, it is a pandemic. other people have it worse. i just kinda really wish i weren’t fighting this all alone.

here is one of my favorite election week memes. hit me right in my “graduated from high school in 1987”

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  1. Sorry your remodel is going so rough, but from the picture it looks great!
    A/C dying also sucks, but I suppose fortunately it didn’t do it this July? But still harsh.
    Things will get better!

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