a few things clarified

so, the boy is my friend, now, er, boyfriend, kyle.  yep, the guy who used to live under my bed.  he’s graduated! just kidding.  when i worked night shifts he slept in my bed.  anyhow, i mentioned the “so besides the sex, we sort of just do the things we used to together, but more often.  how is this really different?”  he had a great answer…that it isn’t really very different.  we always acted like an old married couple when we hung out.  most people, who didn’t know us better, assumed we were married.  that actually makes a lot of sense.  and is totally one of the reasons i like him so much.  we are very comfortable together.  at least i am comfortable with him.  he is even better at poker face than me.  so maybe he is freaking out inside or something.  whatever.

it is nice to be having sex again.  eighth months is a LONG time.  well, it is for me.  the getting to know someone’s body phase is always extra fun.  we mesh well.  the glasses thing is funny.  neither of us naturally takes our glasses off to have sex, so we always start by bumping them and then one of us takes them off.

unfortunately, my schedule has kept us from actually spending a night together.  i think waking up next to someone is a significant step, and not just because of bedhead.  this Thursday is really our first chance to do that together, but he works Friday.  perhaps i can convince him to take the day off and he can make us breakfast.  he cooks. oh, my deity, he cooks.

we’ve even already had the poly vs monogamy conversation.  poly isn’t my kink.  exhibitionism/voyeurism is (in a respectful and private environment).  he is inclined to monogamy, which is totally fine with me.  but if there is ever the opportunity to attend a kinky salon, we are going.  he totally agreed.

anyhow, i am happy and giddy and enjoy the banter.  i have to work the next three days so we won’t hang out again until Wednesday.  but we are going to the Alamo “Princess Bride” quote-along.  Awww, how romantic…BARF! (it is funnier when i do it in person)

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