my childhood survives

i saw star wars tonight.  it was amazing.  my childhood remains intact.  and i have a super awesome pint glass to prove it.

i’ll wait a few weeks before i post details about the film so as not to ruin it for anyone.

i had my dinner with an old friend tonight.  that old friend i wrote about before.  he was just as wonderfully attractive as always.  and he really likes me too.  he doesn’t believe in primary and secondary’s.  he believes in “relationship anarchy”, getting what you need where you need it.  which makes TOTAL sense.  and is true about poly.  but i also think you can’t ignore the hierarchy.  he has a wife of MANY, MANY years.  and he lives with her.  and she gets deference.  which makes sense.  it is not a complete relationship though.  and he has a lot to offer, a lot that isn’t what goes into the relationship with his wife.  and i find him SO wildly attractive. (except the part where he stopped taking his blood pressure medication because it gave him a dry cough.  one does NOT simply stop taking their BP meds. *sigh* mortals)  anyhow, i am tempted.  SO tempted.  but is it the sexual needing in me or do i truly believe this could truly work?  i don’t know.  part of me thinks, well, sleep with him (or someone, really) to work out my unsatisfied desire, and then i would be able to think straight.  and part of me thinks “you are insane”.  as cliche as it sounds, i need to talk to my therapist.  my first instinct is i would really really like to try.

(sexually explicit follow-up) i masturbated AFTER the date.  i took a nap before.

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