i have a knack for this

the 29 year-old i met at barbarella is into BDSM.  in fact, he just finished a year of serving a mistress.  i really need to stop going on dates with 29 year-olds.  i like him, and he is adorable, but i don’t want kids (he does) and i don’t want to be a dom.  sheesh.  can’t decide whether to have sex with him or not.  we haven’t even made out.  our dates have been events and time alone has not come up.  but i sort of feel like i should just nip this one in the bud.  i don’t want to spend the precious energy i have with someone i don’t want to be in a longterm relationship with.  though i haven’t got anything else going on right now, so does it really matter?  and wow do I MISS HAVING SEX.  i figure next time in have sex i will orgasm before they slide all the way in.  which might actually feel pretty amazing.  whatever.

was downtown tonight and encountered a woman who said she needed food (she did NOT ask for money) because she was a diabetic and her blood sugar was low.  i am such a sucker for that.  she asked me to buy her chili cheese fries from casino.  not the best diabetic food, but i think elevated sugar is better for her than hypoglycemia.

i then walked by cheer up charlie’s and chisteene was playing so i stopped to listen.  she is opening for peaches on tour, and they are both playing FUN FUN FUN fest this weekend.  it was fun to stand there and dance in place to the music.  it sounded fantastic until a band started playing at mohawk next-door.  then i couldn’t hear any more.  and it started to rain. so i ran home to post you this note, change my sheets and get some sleep.  (also trying to get gandalf to try out her cat shelves.  i even put tuna fish up there and she won’t go!)

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