i am guessing my family is part of the 1%

that is not the 1% in terms of wealth.  it is the 1% in terms of dysfunction.  two nights ago i received a dick pict, via text, from my father.  he immediately wrote me and said he had been hacked and he didn’t know how the picture appeared on his phone (though he did call it a picture of HIS penis, which i would think he would recognize).  i explained you can’t get hacked and have people remotely send text messages with attachments.  he kept saying he was deleting my phone number and link to heathershair.com.  not sure why he thought deleting the web address would help.  anyhow, this was VERY disturbing to me.  normally i am an address things directly sort of person when it comes to my family dysfunction, but this i want to avoid.  i don’t even want to think about it.  and yet, i am afraid.  what the HELL is going on with my dad?  had he meant to send it to someone else?  did he drunkenly take the photo?  i texted my brother.  he said that dad has sent him a dick pict, but it was a “dad/son” thing.  he also said dad had sent him a picture of the $5k realdoll sex doll my father bought.  these were “guy” things.  i don’t actually think my dad meant to send me this photo.  as you all may remember from my Mortified monologue, though sex was an open topic in my house, and we watched porn as a family, there was no funny stuff.  but i am really upset that i received it.  i have never gotten a dick pict before (because i am not interested in them.  i would actually delete someone as a friend if they did send me one) and it is REALLY bothersome.  but this is my family.  called my mom and asked her if she had ever gotten one.  she said no.  she was really stunned by it too.  mom normally has a response to everything but just wasn’t sure what to say about this.  definitely going to be a topic with my therapist tomorrow.

i have my interview with seton tomorrow (today).

met a friend of Lucy’s tonight at Haven.  he was born in Stuttgart!  it was delightful to chat about the city.  and multaschen.  and spaeztle.

still haven’t gotten my apology.  thinking maybe i shouldn’t really plan on getting it.

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