details at 11…

been on some dates with Sean again.  hmmm.  going better this time.

the hospice facility i work at is my joy.  i still need to get paid, but it is my joy.  the long game, as long as it takes, is to go there full-time.

the 3rd night in a row is supposed to be easy.

i can work 5 nights in a row and still stand up-right. but i think it might be like drinking and driving, one does not know how impaired they really are.

i paid cash for my new carpets.   yeah me!

so far, Lucy is a super awesome roommate.  though i have only seen her briefly on 3 occasions since she moved in a week ago.

One thought on “details at 11…

  1. I think you’re impaired. The last couple of posts, your grammar and spelling have been shot. Sounds like you’re going through a lot, but hopefully now Ross is out of the picture things will start to settle down a bit.

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