i realize that is a strange title after, er, like 5 months of no posts.  but, see, that is what I am doing right now…donating platelets. cause i have the universal type!  yeah me! (platelets have a different universal type than whole blood). so, I am trapped with tubes in my arm so might as well blog.

lots has changed in my life. I work for hospice austin now. it is super awesome what we can do for out patients! i also get a lot of support.  no job is perfect and I have been feeling sad lately. but my patients get awesome care so that is all that really matters.

i bought my own place. it is a condo (hate that word). slowly i am making it totally me. living room has purples paint with a wall of grey cork. I have pinned hundreds of laminated  fashion photos up.  there is a shelf of dummy heads with my best formal hats.  put hardwood flooding there too. bedroom is next. I will leave the walls white but paint the ceiling red. i have also asked my FB buddies to help me pick a skull wallpaper for one accent wall. pictures will be forthcoming.  being landed gentry is fun.  no one (but the HOA in a very few cases) can tell me what i can or can’t do with my place!  skull wallpaper it is!  i am also planning a kitty trail up by the ceiling in the main room.

one sad thing of late is my ex-husband remarried.  that isn’t the sad part.  i am happy that he has found love and a relationship of such strength that they intertwined in this way.  what makes me sad was i found out from friends.  and it seems he had been married for quite sometime.  yeah, maybe my ex-husbands business isn’t my business, but he knows i would want to know.  and he didn’t tell me.  i found out by accident, essentially.  he says it was very private and the wedding wasn’t “public”.  but i am not sure what that means and it still hurts he didn’t tell me.  of course, this was a problem in our marriage.  he was afraid to tell me things and preferred the risk of me finding out some other way.  which never ended well.  anyhow…i am going to legally change my last name.  i don’t want to be the first Mrs. Patrick S Owens (though i am sure his wife didn’t change her name).  this isn’t because of him, this is because of my parents.  but i am doing all the same.  as soon as i can get all the paperwork in (and Texas says ok) i will be Heather Athena Black.  you can call me Nurse Black.

cats are going nuts being indoor fur babies.  in the fall i will experiment with letting them out.  it is too hot to leave a door cracked at this point.  of course, they pretend not to understand when i tell them that and they make my life miserable sometimes.  the capo (aka megaton) caterwauls at 5am.  i don’t have to get up until 6!

boytoy is still around.  though it looks like he will be going on an extended holiday next month (which i think will be great for him!).  went on a number of dates with a boy i had a crush on for a number of years.  he kept trying to teach how to do things better, that i didn’t need improving on.  i dunno.  there was just this weird “i’ll take care of you” vibe that rubbed me the wrong way.  i’ll keep looking.

anyone know how to get popcorn off a ceiling easily?  i am afraid i am going to gouge the ceiling trying to scrape it off.  gotten finish the bedroom so i can have a house warming!

oh!  i really need to send out change of address cards too.  shoot.  gotta get on that…

i should bake a pie this weekend.

mmm, true blood….

i bought a subscription to a service called Plated.  they send you a box with 2 different meals, 2 plates each, that has EXACTLY what you need to make it.  no more, no less.  and instructions with pictures.  which is REALLY cool.  as a single person making meals often means buying food that goes to waste because you can’t buy small enough quantities.  plated solves that problem.  i do feel guilty about that.  what i really want is to buy a couple of items at the store, put them in an app and have it give me recipes for a week!  with pictures.  someone would make a million bucks with an app like that.  anyhow, the meals have been pretty good, though not terribly exciting.  i think that is how food generally is, though.

just FYI…i will be the next HOA president.  pass it on.

there is this AMAZINGLY cute kitty that i call Gandolf the Grey that lives in a bush next to our building.  she is feral and has the clipped ear.  i leave her food every morning and she is getting closer to letting be near her.  it will be fascinating to see what she actually lets me touch her.  i would steal her and take her home in a heartbeat.  but she wouldn’t like it.  i like feeding her though. (there is another lady in the bldg that feeds her too).

so, it seems like everything in life takes me longer now.  is that what happens as you age?  and i am talking about basic stuff like getting ready in the morning.  my platelet appointment was at 1000, my alarm went off at 0900 and i was 10min late.  stopped for coffee, but that is around the corner and on the way to the blood donation location.  seems to take longer to get ready.  longer to get places.  longer to complete things.  of course, i work WAY harder as a hospice nurse than i did as an analyst.  can’t multi-task anything as a nurse.  perhaps that is it.  i worry about things being late now; which i never have before.  ahhhh, my late forties.  i just wish the grey hair for finish so i can dye the ends black and have a pepe le pew stripe!

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