it was a great week

…so why do i feel so depressed?  i have a pt who is COMING OFF HOSPICE because of me (i didn’t save his life or anything, i just noticed something), i started looking at condos (because apartments are ridiculous in austin), OH! i got a job offer from, what i would say, is the best hospice organization in austin, everyone at S&W hospice is super sad i am leaving (and i feel super guilty), i looked really cute tonight when i went out for sushi.  by. my. self.  which might be why i feel so sad.  here i am doing GREAT THINGS(!!), and yet i am single.  without any really possible prospects.  how can i be so awesome and so un-partnerable?  i went out to a very nice sushi restaurant by myself tonight.  i looked totally cute.  sat at the sushi bar.  there was a cute single boy sitting next to me (at least he was alone).  not a peep.  i was really hoping to at least talk with someone new.

really, i kicked-ass this week.  i should be happier.  i’ll try some more tomorrow.

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