i am awesome

(not necessarily in order)
pros: smart, attractive, independent, hard-working, good in bed, baker, adorable (style and hobbies), loyal, strong, supportive (i believe in you).

cons: doesn’t stop (mostly) i will push to resolution that satisfies me (which does not necessarily mean getting my way all the time), questions everything  – which is generally a quest to understand things, but often comes across as challenging and/or disapproving, sexually needy (this can be an issue, trust me), my body is getting soft and my job is making it difficult to fight that, my job is really important and i have to miss things a lot, music snob, does not manage my own money well (great with others), sometimes i don’t realize i am stressed and i take it out on other people, i have never dated anyone that pushed back (i wish people would, in a nice way, of course), style is important to me, i often attack weak women (they just rub me the wrong way, as i realize i do this, i just try to avoid them now), my families major form of communication has always been sarcasm.

am i missing anything, readers who know me well?  i would like to get a good list so i can warn potential boyfriends of what they are in for.

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