my ex-mother in-law commented on my last blog.  that makes me super big smile!

we are having this amazing thunderstorm right now.  you know, a texas thunderstorm.  it is SO beautiful.  and i am in my loft, snuggled into my pillow thrown.  i even have a piece of pie.  the only thing that could make this better is someone to snuggle with.  i am not sure what it is about rain that makes it better if you have someone there with you.  but it is.  this is why i am making a change.  to find someone who wants to be there.  someone who is there.

i have written a bunch of the people i used to work with in germany.  i found them through linkedin.  i got the most wonderful compliment from the man who was head of IT while i was there.  when he heard i had become a nurse he said, “Wow. Your sense of independence and resolve is admirable.”  that made me feel warm.  and i guess that might be why people tell me how amazed they are by what i have done, changing industries as i have.  because i did it for me and i got it done.  i guess, since it was so miserably hard, i don’t think of it as being as great as other people do.  maybe other people think they would have just given up.  had i failed out of school, i probably would have given up.

i know the right person is out there for me.  i just have to find them.  and then i hope it rains.

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