first day excitement

the excitement on my first day was more my own behaviour.  i got up and did 30 min of yoga before going to work.  they i went to the gym on my way home for 30 min.  my body is horribly sore and there is something increasingly wrong with my right foot.  but i am proud of myself for doing it.  today i read a lot of documentation.  the office manager was out, so they weren’t really prepared for me.  i managed to stay awake, so i really didn’t mind much.  tomorrow i will get my laptop and more technical stuff.  i should get a calendar as well.  i am hoping to be seeing patients on my own in less than 4 weeks. funny how this time last year i was petrified and this year i can’t wait to get out there.

One thought on “first day excitement

  1. Hi Mrs. Heather this is Suzanne daughter, I have tried to find you on facebook to keep in touch with you but I can’t find you…the care you gave to my mom was the best she has ever been given, I can not thank you enough…please find me on facebook under my name Audrey Chere Matte…can’t wait to talk to you soon…good luck on your new job, I know you well be the best nurse ever to the family and person you are helping find peace as they get ready to move on to the next part of their after life…

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