convergence day 1

day 1 of convergence was wonderful!  ok, i only had 2 hours of sleep and had to call it a night by midnight, but it was still all i could have hoped for!

first, i went with the gothic donna reed, with a slight wednesday slant, for my first fashion day.  i wore a black 50s day dress with petticoats.  no pearls (i need a set of grey pearls to perfect my gothic donna reed!) but the rest was all there.  all i needed was a black vacuum cleaner.  today is sally and tonight will be the premiere of my new corset!  i took a picture of my outfit, but i was so tired all my neck muscles looked very stressed.  not a pretty picture.  hopefully there are some candid photos out there somewhere.

i have been seeing a bunch of people i haven’t seen in a long time.  obviously, they ask me how nursing is going.  my answer is it is going really well.  that i am very satisfied.  and i am.  now that i don’t “need” my coworkers, they are much nicer to me.  and i can just ignore them if they are being super clique-y.  i still spend a lot of time WITH my patients.  it is making the drive easier.  i don’t dread going to work so much. i enjoy my work.  still a little nervous i am missing stuff, but i feel like that is healthy.  thinking i know everything will just put my patients at risk.  anyhow, it is glad to share such positive feedback with my friends.

and i love telling them gross stories.

i still want someone to come home to, but life is good.  i have balance, for now, that gives me the strength to wait.  hey boyfriend, here i am!

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