Daily Archives: April 11, 2013

a perfect moment

i had a rare perfect moment this week.  boytoy gave it to me.  it was a lovely evening all the way around.  i slept until 2000.  we went for fish and chips.  we talked about how to deal with the increasing prevalence of dementia and alzheimer’s in the US.  if mom isn’t there anymore, if it is just a shell, what do you do?  how do you care for them?  there are not going to be enough nurses or CNAs to take care of all the elderly with dementia.  i fear they will die miserably of neglect.  neglect when people are actually doing the best they can, but are overwhelmed.  doesn’t seem like you should just bump people off though.  i say, bring back the carousel.

but that wasn’t the perfect moment.  see, he took me to the club.  and he played some music for me.  in fact, he played the perfect sequence of songs (the hives (i was wearing my hives t-shirt), the smiths, and NIN).  i had the dance floor all to myself.  it was dark, but i had it all.  i started to feel less me and more everything around me.  my enlightenment.  then we had sex to bela lugosi’s dead.  and it was suddenly perfect.  i have never had a sexual perfect moment.  it has always been in public.  i think music has always been involved.  this time it was music and sex. and it was perfect.  i can die a happy person.  it was just so peaceful.  i have had my own little piece of cloud nine ever since.  thanks boytoy.