ich bin eine Krankenschwester!

literal translation: i am a sick sister.  figurative translation: i am a nurse!  it is SO AWESOME!  everything i do, everyday, helps my patients.  sometimes it is no fun, but it IS to help them.  to move them to getting better.  to relieve their symptoms.  this job rocks!  had 3 patients today.  2 were low maintenance, and then one went home.  got an admit.  i wasn’t the most efficient, but i did it!  3 patients!  so cool.

they only thing i wish had been different about tonight is the wish that there had been someone at home to share my excitement with.  soon, i hope to have a partner i can gush to about how fabulous my day was.  or, eventually, how trying it was.  today was trying, honestly, but it was still awesome.  even the hard parts were learning and awesomeness.  i’ll get there.  i’d just like to share that journey with someone.

but now…sleep!

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