they are all so young!

it was an amazing night at elysium.  lots of new wave on the dance floor.  my outfit, and general style, was quite a hit.  though it is VERY flattering to be complimented on my look, as often as i am (by both male and female), it is getting sort of surreal AND i would rather have someone that loved me. (besides my cats…who are wondering at my feet as i post this).  if i am so awesome, why can’t i find a job?  and why can’t i find someone to love me?  ok, i have been in nursing school for 2 years and not really looking.  but it seems like it should be easier considering all the people i meet.  whatever.  it was a WONDERFUL night on the dance floor even if the 2 boys, who graduated high school in 2009, referred to the music as “oldies” (“uh, if i graduated in 1987, what does that make me?”, “a beautiful and mature woman?”, “good answer boys!”)

tomorrow i study for the NCLEX with sarah, get a graduation massage from my friend Kathy, and go to movie night at sarah j’s house!  hurrah for graduating from nursing school and having my life back!

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