Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

heather, NURSE heather….

well, i did it. i graduated from nursing school. the pinning and graduation ceremonies are later this week, but today i found out that i completed the program. wow. just wow! it is unbelievable, really. sure, you all were sure i could do it. but no one really knows the hurdles i had to over come. it was harder than ANYTHING i have EVER done in my life. teachers were discouraging (not all). tests were sometimes completely baffling when i thought i knew what i was doing. the hours were ludicrous. but now, i can say, i have Graduate Nurse Heather. i’ll be just plain ol’Nurse Heather once i take the NCLEX in june. i am so proud of myself. this is just THE proudest moment of my life ever. it feels so good. and next…doing some real nursing!!!