so many things are changing

i graduate in 6 weeks. i am moving AGAIN. but this is an exciting move, i think. will fill it in when it is more sure. i shall soon start my career as a nurse. i can go back to riding my scooters everywhere (cause i won’t have textbooks and computers i am lugging around) i will soon be available for real dating!

can’t sleep tonight. too much going on. my rotation this week is hospice and it is way cooler than i thought it would be.

i go to the gym a lot. i feel good when i go several times a week. my body is feeling smoother. it cuts stress. i get to read fiction when i am there!

see, i am sort of babbling, cause so many exciting things are coming up. it is as though my life is starting over, anew.

i really need to fall asleep.

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