even if trent reznor asked me out, i still wouldn't have time

sent in my application for the versant residency program at Seton hospital here in austin. i think of myself as middle of the pack from a candidate attractiveness standpoint, but i am REALLY hoping my weird background will help.

walked into the nursing manager’s office on the telemetry floor at st david’s and asked for a job.  got an interview a week later and NAILED it!  they could still turn me down because i graduate in may (why put so much work in if i might leave in may?) but i am hoping they are seeing me as a potential full-time candidate for RN.  i will hear early this week

i am fascinated by the greek debt “stuff”.  though it came from fox news, i liked the following analysis: greece’s grim choice

i like the marshall plan idea.  cuts vs default is horrible in SO many ways.  a softer landing, managed by the germans or someone fiscally prudent, makes the most humane sense to me.  it will be like an economic occupation, but i think that is the new world we live in.  is revolution coming, or am i just getting old?

back to cardiology…which is still very cool…

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