cardiology is cool

my life moves too quickly.  this week i have had: my first week on the oncology floor, more cardiology lecture (13 classes of and TONS of actual meds), mgmt class, nerd night, applied for a job, in person, at St David’s, got an email about a healthcare software job and went to the gym.  it is all going by so quickly.  the job opportunities are especially awesome, but i don’t feel like i can catch up.  tomorrow i have a volunteer gig and a job fair, plus homework and boy toy (not complaining about boy toy).  so tired.  the whole, assuming you don’t fuck anything up short-term, you are going to be an actual nurse soon, seems to be sinking it.  it’s sort of scary and sounds like relief too.  i’ll have less things going on.  i’ll be busy.  but i won’t have 10 things to do.  may 8th.  check with me on may 8th.

my friend alec, who graduated from law school, posted on FB: “sounds like law school. there’s no answer to the self abuse question. just do what you can hour by hour, day to day. play the short game and you’ll get there. looking at all of the work at once will only achieve the void looking back into you. three months from now you’ll look back and wonder how you did it.”  i am trying to make this my mantra.  i still need to do some longterm planning, for instance i have accepted that i will be writing my research paper over spring break, the week before it is due but besides that, i am looking to what is due next week and stopping at that.  it has helped to calm me a bit.  getting the st david’s part-time job would reduce my stress a lot, though it would add a different kind of stress.  net less stress though.

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