little bitty steps

well, i got my wish and my last med surg rotation is on the oncology floor.  i am pretty excited about this, while being freaked out by all i have to do this term.  we have started with cardiology, which is fascinating, but complicated.  the teacher has forgotten what it is like not to know the material, which is frustrating and makes lectures hard to follow.  but it IS all incredibly fascinating.  and i love that.

i applied for 3 student nurse positions at st david’s, in austin, this week.  i need to just get into a hospital setting more.  got turned down for one 12 hours later.  a classmate that works there is going to check into things for me this weekend.  it will make me feel just a little bit better to have a job.  so, even if i fail this semester, i would have some sort of income.

we have started OB.  and, man, do i just really never want to have kids! the misery of the end of pregnancy and birth. yuck! your tailbone can snap off, you are in pain all the time.  the first stage of labor you are basically practicing holding it in, while in horrible pain.  no thank-you.

i am still fearful i won’t pass  med surg this term.  remember people, i SQUEAKED by last term and this term is even more demanding.  i have starte breaking things down into itty bitty steps.  and i write down everything that needs to be done.  it is like i can’t member action items at all anymore.  i am hoping this is just a temporary nursing school thing. i certainly started to go down hill when i started nursing school.  maybe the vit D i have start taking will help.

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