good scores and bad scores

got 100% on my dosage exam!  got a 72% raw score on my med surg exam.  that is failing.  but the teacher threw out 5 questions, 3 of which i had gotten wrong, so i ended up with a 78%, which is passing.  kinda crazy, eh?  endocrine exam on monday.  that one is going to be tough.  very complicated system.  interesting though.

sex life.  great.

i finished my sewing from a pattern course tonight!  had to finish some things at home, but it is done!  it isn’t perfect.  one flaw in particular really bugs me.  but i am still very proud.  and more than that, i know how to alter the pattern and it will fit perfect next time! i will be waiting until thanksgiving to do that.  need to be school responsible. i am going to wear red shoes and a red tail with this dress.  very dorothy.


had a weird dream last week.  i was on the clinical floor and helping one of my clients.  and then it was 2pm and i realized that i had not seen any of my other clients yet.  no meals, meds or ADLs (activities of daily living).  freaked out a little.  went into the first room and the client and his wife were standing there, both in hospital gowns (?).  the client said, “so, you remembered us, eh?” then i can’t remember anything else.  but i thought that was a very strange dream.  i am turning into a nurse.  it’s kinda cool.  but i miss my superhero dreams!

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