this photo thing is getting old

i need to take a course where i learn to take/be in photos. this outfit is SO hot! i got the t-shirt at the Blondie show last night.  very low cut. tried a bunch of different bra options and then remembered this basque i have had forever.  perfect!  except a bit of nipplage, if you look real close.  solution?  double sided sticky-tape!  it is unfortunate that no one really got to appreciate the outfit.  well, that isn’t exactly true.  i bumped into my friend monrovia at titaya tonight.  she was there with her new boyfriend (who is seriously cute!)  anyhow, it seems he saw me and described this very hot looking girl to monrovia.  monrovia, even after he mentioned the tail, didn’t realize it was me!  she asked what age the girl was, he said mid-20s.  she said the girl sounded more like a cougar.  guess she knows her cougar fashion better!  (do i really dress like a cougar?  i have always dressed like this.  does it become cougar dress just because of my age?)  still, i was terribly flattered and it was really funny.  of course, i should really be working on my pedi studying tonight.  oh well.

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