first week of my last year.

at first i was freaked out. then it got better. by the time we made it to pedi, and mrs turner told us we wouldn’t have to come to class every week and almost never on thursdays,i was ready to make it happen! i can do this.

new roommate is moved in. his name is Jay. we have a lot in common, it turns out. most of the items we have in common are frustrations and neurosis. but it is nice to feel understood.

i have something else potentially interesting going on in my life currently. not quite ready to share. soon though, i hope.

oh! joined fitness planet. i like it. it has a lot of equipment and nothing super fancy. and it is super close to my house. AND it I’d open 24/7 from Sunday night at midnight until Friday night at midnight. awesome for when i need to read but it is late and I can’t stay awake. reading on the treadmill at 2am!

sorry for the brevity. sleepy now.

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