the end of the end

i saw the final harry potter movie tonight.  it made me sad.  so many endings.  i saw the first movie with patrick, the previous one with andreas.  this last one was with katie, which isn’t quite the same.  the ending was sort of anti-climactic to me.  i didn’t really like the resurrection aspect of the ending of the series.  at least i better understand the wand thing now.  it was great to see the movie (especially Ron and Hermione kissing!), but sad to see it end.  and to have it end, for me, so different than it started.

it’s been a good week, and yet i still feel melancholy.  went to bedpost confessions to see a friend perform (though had to leave before his set because of HP) and had to see andreas.  i hate seeing him in public.  it just makes me sad.  i really hope this goes away soon.  at least with school starting i will be too busy to feel it.  it seems i might be very good at getting over breaking-up.  though that may just be because i am the breakee so much.  perhaps if i were the breaker, it wouldn’t hurt.  or if i could stop believing.  which seems counter-productive.

i am trying very hard just to roll with things.  it would be best if i just did that.  but it is hard.  i am a cerebral girl.

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