huh, that was interesting

had an amazing KS this weekend.  seriously awesome.  and my chain maille costume was to die for.  very proud of that one.  i also had an interesting and unexpected experience at the party that has followed on into this week.  and it was seriously awesome too.  unfortunately, i can’t comment on it too much.  suffice to say, good things have been happening for me.

i’ve been very busy lately.  lots of get togethers.  some of them could be called dates.  i’ve enjoyed my company.  but i am not sure that anything will go anywhere.  i keep coming up against my school schedule.  i just don’t have time to date, once it starts again.  i’d really like to jump into a relationship that is 6-months old.  which is obviously not possible.  whatever.  i am just going to roll with it and try to enjoy what i can.

i woke up from a dream this afternoon where i had stopped for a train.  it was a weird stop though.  i stopped in time, but the barrier arms did not get down in time for the train to pass.  surely that means something?  i wasn’t in danger, i saw that i wouldn’t make it, so i stopped.  but the fact the barriers were late must mean something.

school starts next monday.  i am not excited.  not sure what this means.  i am guessing it is because of HER.  but psych is one of my favorite topics, so perhaps, once i get going, i will really get into it.  i am certainly looking forward to routine again and graduating so i can get a job.  i really want a job.  i really want to be a regular member of society again.

i LOVE my sewing class.  i have signed up for the hem class next.  i am very excited about getting my own machine and making sewing one of my hobbies.  i made a pillow this last sunday.  there is enough extra fabric that i am going to make another one and send it to my mom.  i am just terribly proud of myself.  i think my mom finds it strange.  the pillow even has a zipper!  the zipper was tough too.  but i did it.  this weekend is the elastic waist skirt.  i am SUPER excited about that.  i want to wear it to school on monday to show people what i made.  anyhow, here are some photos of what i have done so far:

01_bagthis was a practice square.  we made 3 seams to form a pouch.  darn proud!

02_tote_shellthis is the outside shell of my tote bag.  i am cooking with gas now!  darn proud!

03_tote_strapgotta have straps on my tote bag!  i am high on the success at this point!

04_finished_totehave you ever seen such a cute tote bag?  just say no.  i use it as my sewing bag!

05_threaded_machinecheck out that amazingly well threaded machine!  i did that!

06_drawstring_bag_stringand here i have successfully created a sleeve for the drawstrings on my drawstring bag and stung it!  stunning, really.

07_completed_bagthe light at the shop isn’t great.  this is my completed drawstring bag.  it is black material with brown dresser’s dummies as the print.  i use the bag as my sewing notions tote.  if you would like me to make you one, or a tote bag, let me know!

08_zipperthe pillow i made has a zipper on the back.  kind of over-kill for a pillow, but we needed to practice zippers!  it was hard.  zippers are hard.  i remember my mom swearing at zippers.  but i did it (only had to start over once…but i kept breathing deep and it was all good).

09_final_pillowmy pillow!  isn’t it cute?!  the pattern is even well centered.  it is black on back with turquoise piping.  i was SO proud of this pillow.  i told the teachers that they make me feel good about myself.  this class has been fantastic.  sounds dumb, but it has made me feel better about myself.  like i have skills besides throwing a great theme party and baking.  this is something totally practical.  something that can help me in life.  it makes me so happy.

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