amerivespa in new orleans success!

-one of the riders from CA had her bike burn to the ground about 100 miles from austin (video to follow)
-the support vehicle died in the parking lot of the hotel before we even started the trip (better than in middle-of-nowhere tx though)
-we were rolling so high on the throttle that we didn’t notice the bike go on reserve (and thought it died)
-a regulator went out and the bike kept eating batteries, thus we spent 2 1/2 hours at the dairy queen in dayton, texas
-i almost ran dry of 2-stroke oil because my hand bag was hanging on the hook in-front of the indicator  (rookie move)

but we made it!  we made it to baton rouge first and had AMAZING cajun food and chair massages at moto rouge.  then we rode the “tail of the gator” at twice the speed limit (40 instead of 20).  i waved at some cows which endeared me to some of my fellow riders (they were watching us ride by, i couldn’t just ignore them).  then i led a group of riders (because i was on the slowest bike, and do a pretty good job leading) into new orleans as we didn’t want to go so slowly with the bigger group.  i took a GLORIOUS shower, walked over the to the local scooter shop to grab my peeps and hit the ernst cafe for dinner.  my pulled chicken barbecue sandwich was awesome.  the barbecue sauce was made with coffee!

slept beautifully until 7am!  christine and i took our time and went to cafe du monde for coffee, orange juice and beignets.  the coffee was a perfect cafe au alit.  omg it was so good.

christine and i are going to hit the local shop for some 2-stroke oil before we go to the rock-n-bowl event.  tonight is a burlesque show and brass band.  tomorrow a group of us are going to go on either a cemetery or ghost tour.  it is a fabulous time in new orleans!

btw, the republican leadership conference is going on at the same hotel amerivespa is using.  wow, is that weird.  SO many young people in ugly business wear!  we were thinking of tempting some of the men to our rooms to take photos and blackmail them for life!

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