how did it go.

today was the med surg exam.  i spent the last 4 days studying ALL day.  my friend katie helped me yesterday.  she did flashcards with me.  it helped to have to explain the topics to someone else.  that helped a lot really.  helped with making me feel more confident, as well as, just making me go into more depth.  didn’t study enough electrolytes.  other than that, i knew the answers to the test 50% of the time.  the other 45% was 50/50 stuff.  last 5%, had no clue.  i feel good.  but who knows.  i’ll find out on wednesday how i did/whether i passed.  i though my anxiety would have gone down by now.  i think it is different anxiety really.  before it was anticipation, now it is closure.  but i still i have to wait.  and that’s no fun.

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