it made me smile

so i was riding to the coffee shop and saw this u-haul truck with its back door open, turn a corner.  i happen to be going that way, so when i turned the corner i rolled up to the driver side window.  the driver rolled down the window and said , “i know i am a little over the line.”, i replied, “no, your back door is open.”  she looked bummed.  i mean, here she is, sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green and now her back door is open and her couch might fall out.  i told her to hold on, road to a drive way, put my bike on the stand (still running), ran back and closed and latched the door.  i gave her the high sign JUST as the light changed to green.  she drove off everything ok!  and i just felt so good for having done that.  i mean, she might lose the couch AND hurt someone in a vehicle behind her.  and i had time.  and i had the ability.  so i did it.  a truck, a couple of cars back from her, gave me a thumbs up when he drove by.  that made me feel good.  it is so nice to find things so simple like that.

test on wednesday.  presentation on thursday.  last day of clinicals on friday.  then a week a fluff and then finals.  it is almost over and i can’t wait.  this term has been really hard.  i have learned a LOT, all from my rotation at the VA.  and i feel more and more, that with more practice and exposure, i will totally kick butt at this stuff.  i really enjoy it too.  i am glad.

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