i am sore.  have been to the gym two days in a row and, man, do my legs hurt.  i also did that wagon to the coffee shop/grocery store thing on sunday too. had no idea i was so out of shape.  now that i have a gym-guilt partner, it is all going to be ok.  of course, she is my 19-year old classmate who said, “was that a pop?” when my bones popped when i got up from the floor after doing sit-ups.  i told her to leave me alone because i AM twice her age.  i do appreciate the gym-guilt a lot though.

having all tuesday off with only reading that needs to be done is not a prescription for success.  i read some.  but it took forever and was hardly enough.  i am sure i will find my rhythm again soon.  i just hope it doesn’t cost me another failed exam.

sent out my note about the changes to KS.  i got a bunch of super supportive replies and a good start at people that want to be on the KS Austin Project Team!  even got a couple of ideas on larger venues.  one person has never even made it to a party!  she still wants to help (and plans to make the next party).  it felt good.

i predict i am going to have one of *those* headaches tomorrow.  but i have class all day, so i can take some super drugs once i get to school!

made nachos for dinner.  damn i am good at those.

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  1. i did not! i used an “alternative” relaxation method and i didn’t end up getting a headache. i think it has been over a month since i had one. i am getting sort of nervous it will hit me suddenly.

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