georgia solidifies its position in the south

have you heard about the georgia representative that wants to create a new legal classification for pregnancy termination – a new legal classification for pregnancy termination – “Prenatal Murder,”:
“HB 1 creates ‘Prenatal murder’ means the intentional removal of a fetus from a woman with an intention other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus; provided, however, that if a physician makes a medically justified effort to save the lives of both the mother and the fetus and the fetus does not survive, such action shall not be prenatal murder. Such term does not include a naturally occurring expulsion of a fetus known medically as a ‘spontaneous abortion’ and popularly as a ‘miscarriage’ so long as there is no human involvement whatsoever in the causation of such event. C) The act of prenatal murder is contrary to the health and well-being of the citizens of this state and to the state itself and is illegal in this state in all instances. D) Any person committing prenatal murder in this state shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be punished as provided in subsection d: of Code Section 16-5-1. The license of any physician indicted for an alleged violation of this Code section shall be suspended until resolution of the matter. The license of any physician convicted of a violation of this Code section shall be permanently revoked. The provisions of this Code section shall be in addition to any other provisions relating to the killing of a fetus or any other person.”

this is the same guy who wanted to change rape laws to refer to rape victims as “accusers” until after conviction. do we call them murder “accusers” until the murderer is convicted? ANYHOW…there is an email campaign going out to this loser which i got in on…

Dear Rep. Franklin,

Though I live in the state of Texas, I applaud your efforts to support the rights of zygote citizens of Georgia by criminalizing miscarriages and investigating every instance of fetal death as a potential crime. The Georgia State Assembly knows that life begins at the moment of conception, and a fertilized egg death is a human death – a death that we should all grieve, and of course investigate to the fullest extent until we find the responsible party and bring them to justice (the death penalty, which your bill prescribes as the punishment for killing a pre-born Georgia citizen, is definitely appropriate here). I could not agree more, and I would like to help.

As I am sure you know, more than 50% of fertilized eggs – US citizens! – naturally do not implant, and are flushed out of the body during menstruation. I am personally concerned that my own murdering woman-body may have flushed out some human beings, and I may have flushed them down the toilet without knowing that I was disposing of citizens in such an undignified way. This must be remedied. I would like to be sure that I am not killing any more citizens – and that if I am, they are able to receive a proper funeral and not a burial at sea, and that the appropriate authorities can dedicate valuable time and resources to investigating their deaths.

To that end, I am preserving all of my tampons, as well as all of my pads, feminine hygiene products and soiled panties from my current and future menstrual cycles, so that the appropriate state/federal officials can come collect them as evidence when your recently submitted bill is adopted by my fine state and the union as a whole. I would also be happy to ship the specimens off at your office, should you want to hold them for future admission as evidence.

Please let me know if I should ship these items. Or, since I appreciate that you are a very busy man, please let me know when the authorities will be by my home to collect them, as my next cycle is rapidly approaching and they are starting to smell. I cannot keep them in my refrigerator for much longer.

Thanks for all the work you do to further the pro-life cause.


Heather A Owens – Citizen of Texas and the US of A.

perhaps i should have used sarcasm HTML tags?

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