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good news: today, i got my approval for the high risk insurance pool. the fat lady hasn’t EXACTLY sung, as i still need to set-up my payments through the IRS AND i have no idea whether my Drs are on the plan or not (you couldn’t look that up during application since this is a last resort program anyway). but at least i know i have insurance in case something catastrophic happens. also, something REALLY good happened to my best friend. i don’t want to go into details, but it was seriously awesome. she also got to see “camper van beethoven” last weekend. and they played “take the skinheads bowling” even. lastly, i asked paul from “an engineer’s guide to cats” out via FB (though he lives in wichita). i figured, what the heck. though it felt weird asking a vaguely famous person, maybe they don’t get asked out that much, cause people think they get asked out too much. turns out he just started dating someone, but he was impressed with my “attitude. nothing ventured, nothing gained”. he didn’t mention my cats names though. i find my cats names impressive. it was a fun thing to do, at least.

bad things: i got totally lost during the acid-base lecture today. she even confused me on electrolytes a bit. i thought i had conquered those. it is too bad that the lecture went as it did, being that i felt so good after yesterday’s simulation. another bad thing is how next week is going to suck. i have to do my nutritional assignment, my lab values write-up and pass meeds in clinical. i also have a test in decision making (electrolytes and acid-base), plus a test in legal/ethical. crazy stuff. i am going to study my brains out this weekend for the two tests so i can focus on my clinical paperwork on monday/tuesday.

i guess another good thing that happened was some of my classmates gave me a “cheer you up” card today. they had heard about all the things that went wrong last week. i am not my perky self. being i am usually a very perky person, people tend to notice when i am blue. so my clinical buddies bought me a card. it felt sort of weird as i don’t really know some of them. like they got the card passed to them so they had a write something. but all the comments were really nice. so it felt good. nursing students are generally pretty awesome.

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