i think i figured something out about why nursing school is so hard for me

i am basically really learned my A&P in nursing school. in my A&P classes i was given info, just facts…this is the pancreas, this is how it works, but i wasn’t taught how things relate. what the pancreas working this way means. i didn’t have to apply any of the knowledge, i just had to memorize it. sometimes i had to understand, like how the RAAS pathway works, but it was still just info. in nursing school i am suppose to take that info i learned and apply it. but i don’t really learn unless it is through application. so nursing school is like pre-reqs and the real thing all at once. i think it means way more work for me, but i also think i will be much better at putting it all together in the end. this does not solve my test problem, but it makes me feel better about why this is so hard for me. i am truly learning my A&P now.

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