Daily Archives: February 9, 2011

i moved to texas to be warm

30 minutes into our exam today, they closed the school. but we had to finish the exam. as soon as the announcement was made, i couldn’t concentrate anymore. i am PETRIFIED of driving in snow/ice. i talked to two instructors, who both live near me, and got the best way to get home. it was a new route, but it worked. the loop, my normal route, has already seen a couple of accidents. and there were a lot of icy spots on my drive in. it took me almost an hour to get home (including a stop for petrol) but i made it. anti-lock came on twice while attempting to stop at stop signs. i slid twice trying to start from the limit line too. this is another one of those situations where i wish i had a muscle relaxant. i am seriously tense. i’ll try a kitty thick nap and go from there. ironically, it is suppose to be 65 this weekend. oh, and it is snowing now. sheesh!