Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

today did not turn out as planned

so…HCTC is not funded past the 13th of this month. that means, no cheap health insurance for me. i can get this plan, at $460/mo but, i can’t really afford that. but if i stop having insurance, it will be hard to get insurance when i can afford it. what to do, what to do.

and there is something wrong with my financial aid. it didn’t fund. i went in on the first possible day to fix it, got a note that it was fixed but it hasn’t transacted. and i have bills to pay.

and i was working on my homework, studying for the exams next week, and i just feel over my head. i can’t remember all this stuff. i admit, i could study harder, but straight memorization doesn’t work that well for me. remembering drugs and drug side-effects is just memorization. i am pretty sure i can pass this program because i can pass these tests. but that is because i am good at tests. will i have retained the info i need to? am i going to embarrass myself by getting caught out not knowing something i should obviously know? can i change this path i am on so that never happens?

and then i weighed myself. that was the last let-down of the day. i way 141 pounds. that is just incredible. 20 pounds more than i should. no wonder my clothing doesn’t fit. too much thai food.

tomorrow i will bake something and things will be better.