love from wonderful places.

i was having sort of a down day. all the stuff going on. i needed cheering. so i reached out on FB. the response was more than i could ever have imagined…

Heather A Hays-Owens – Um, would someone say something nice to me on FB. I could use that right about now.

Phil Carey: You Rock!

Phil Carey: Heh, from say something nice generator:

R Lance Hunter: You’re pretty damned awesome, last time I checked. (Yep, just checked again, still awesome.)

Phil Carey: Heh, though I like “I saved the last Skittles for you!”

Monique Daviau: You are a great friend and roommate!

Heather A Hays-Owens: thanks friends!
@Phil…I got “whatever you need, honey…I’ll do it”

Ankh Sith: um um um, TWINKIES!!!

Stephanie Cunningham: Yer a hot tomato, sister! Also, you have wonderful taste in eye wear, shoe wear, and all other kinds of wear, as far as I can tell.

Amy Cavender: It was really lovely having you over a few weeks ago. I hope to see you again soon!

Renee E. Babcock: I think you are one of the coolest, smartest, loveliest women I know and I think it’s so wonderful how excited you are by your career change, that you want to work for the greater good.

Frederic Scott: A sparkly vampire is waiting in your closet for you to come home.

Heather A Hays-Owens: ‎@stephanie…i would share my coats and handbags with you any day!
@amy…i look forward to hanging in your swanky pad again soon as well!
@renee…nursing is just annoying today…but it isn’t nursings fault…

Raymon Daniel:

Courtney Larchelle Houston: I don’t know you that well Heather but you are always so sweet and you always take the time to bake everyone nice treats! ♥

Heather A Hays-Owens: ‎@ray…OMG! you are so kind! wait…i didn’t get a bonus last year…so 20%…awesome clip! thanks for the sentiment.

@courtney…and i am going to bake something tonight too! i have been home all day because it was just TOO cold and flickery in the classroom!

Courtney Larchelle Houston: I didn’t realize the power was still on the fritz at school.. better be fixed tomorrow!

Cindy Adzuki Chang: You’re fucking hot, woman. Even in the dead of winter you warm up a room when you walk in with your radiance. How’s that?

Heather A Hays-Owens: well well cindy, that is pretty awesome. i might say that i am stylish even when freezing, being i left school today because the room was too cold but was told i looked fabulous…as usual.

Courtney Larchelle Houston: Heather.. do you buy some of your clothes from

Kelly Beesknees Taylor: You are RAD!! and I’m happy to know you! ♥ ♥

Aruf Khan: of all the women i have met you are one of the few who have had a positive impact on my life…

Marc Majcher: You bake awesome cookies and pies and stuff, and you can wear a saucy nurse’s uniform like a moo.

Sarah McNicholas: You are one of the most awesomet people I’ve ever met, I love you and I miss you more than I can say.

Sarah McNicholas: And thanks for the fashion advice over the years

Madeline Chauvin: YOU ARE AWESOME! Always so friendly and kind. And I get the sense that you are very smart and professional.

Steve Guzman: Pinky! You’ve got more cajones than anyone I know. Now, that means I either know a bunch of wimps or you’re just a badass… I’m leaning toward badass.

Scott Keyes: Sorry we missed that photo op and i hope we can try again sometime…Youre pretty and interesting and smart … I’d cast you as the super villain in any given script in a heartbeat (meant as a compliment..because i when you try to you make…

Holly Cron Gaytan: Awesome, smart, hot, and to the point! Sounds pretty close to perfect!

Delia Davila: Your sense of style is wonderful. Back in the day, you were a great game night guest because you were in it with the serious players but could converse with the serious talkers. But the classic threads are always a nice bonus to seeing you.

Ross David H: When you and I have a conversation and we disagree (politics or whatever), I like that we still like each other all the way through. Also, I think we both end up smarter because we’re still listening to the other. This is both rare and quite nice.

Sondra Gadd Sondregger: Heather, I don’t think I could say anything but nice things about you. You’re one of the most fabulous, generous, genuine people I know. Someone else mentioned your sense of style, which I could only hope to kinda sorta emulate in the tiniest way. I hope you’re having a better day!

Heather A Hays-Owens: Thanks to all my awesome friends, for all the fantastic compliments. It really helped me get through my day. And it just made me feel super awesome. Really, thanks so so much.

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