so much to say, so little enthusiasm to say it.

today was awesome at school. we had a simulation. the patient is out of the PACU (post-anesthesia care unit), previous nurse coming off shift, need to check status and assess. it was AWESOME! i can totally do this. the only thing that really scares me now is emergency. i mean, it happens on every floor. i think slowly (which is different for me, my best place has always been in crisis). now, i want time to think. time to consider it. if i have time, i am pleased with what i got it DOWN! now i just need to practice writing things up like a nurse.

my relationship isn’t going so well. part of it isn’t me, it is just the situation, but, does that mean when things like this happen in the future, the same thing will happen? sure, i am worrying about a possible future. possible not future. but still. i like to protect myself. i think i take enough risks in my relationships. and really, how can it not be me? not that i am defective, i am not, i am awesome (though flawed), so it is just us then. *sigh*

listed to the VERY short state-of-the-state speech for CA tonight. governor moonbeam basically said “it has to be done people, there aren’t any other options. you got another idea that really will work, bring it on.” the republicans want to make it easier to do business in CA because “CEO magazine says CA is the worst state to do business”. yep, i definitely want mark and larry and carly and lee all making decisions on healthcare and education for the common man. right. i feel bad for CA though. very tough spot. of course TX is pretty bad off. and governor good-hair thinks the ID bill for voting is the #1 issue he needs the legislature to work on. right. and, sure, just take a bunch more money from the schools. 2 years ago he bragged about how great our schools were. last week he told republicans to take their kids out of the TX public school system. nice. i guess he is relying on all those people moving in from out of state to be the educated ones. i just hope congress doesn’t cancel my program before next december and my last tuition payment is made. on the plus side, Illinois made civil-unions for same sex marriages legal today. it’s a step, a good one. there are now 11 states that allow some sort of same sex union (and CA isn’t one of them…technically) yeah!

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