kitties nails

today i:
-did some errands
-drove troy to bastrop and did some errands (and he bought me lunch)
-got my TB test for school
-drove to Belton to see my kitties
-finished my application for health insurance
-bought kitty litter
-talked to my best friend on the phone about relationships
-watched “lie to me” on hulu
-cut the cats’ toenails
-took a bath

the most exciting item was cutting the kitties nails. i am petrified of doing that. and it went well. no one got scratched!

One thought on “kitties nails

  1. Chronicles was not on my reading list as a child ethier. My parents were perhaps a bit too permissive in my choices. I read Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels when I was 11. I had to keep a good dictionary close by. I vaguely remember Lord of the Flies and never have read To Kill a Mockingbird all the way through. It was a bit too close to home. Are you familiar with Joe R. Lansdale? He’s my current favorite writer, both the absurdly funny things and the very serious (The Bottoms)Enjoy the rest of your sick day.

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