oh yeah, i rock…call me nurse heather*

i got As in Clinical (the thing that had the rotation), and Intro. i got Bs in Skills and Pharm. i might have gotten over 90% in skills, but an A in nursing is 94%….whatever. ANYHOW…being that intro and clinical were 3 units and the others 2 units, my GPA is 3.6 i made honor roll again! i am very proud of this fact. you don’t really get anything for it, just to say you are in it. looks good on a resume. but i did it. completed it and completed it well. i am so happy and proud of myself. no i pack the house to move back to austin for a month. the cats are suspicious. anyhow…i am just really happy with myself. i had a plan and i made it happen and i did a good job on top of it all! what more is there to ask for?!

*i won’t actually be a nurse until i graduate and pass the NCLEX. but still. i am a nurse tech now. you can call me nurse heather, i don’t mind. i know what you mean.

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