that's a funny way to study

i went to the gym. i walked on the treadmill (at various inclines) for an hour. then i lifted some weights and did 135 sit-ups. i am guessing i won’t be able to hold up my pencil tomorrow. but hey, i was sick and tired of sitting at coffee shops.

tomorrow is skills, tuesday is intro and wednesday is pharm. i need like 70% to pass the classes (though technically that is failing the test). as i was frustrated by a great deal of the teaching in skills and intro, i don’t have an overwhelming desire to do well. i really like my pharm teacher so i want to do well for her. but i still need to pay attention, so i am reviewing and reviewing.

so a good friend was in a devastating car accident this week. guy came over the center line and hit him head on. many broken bones. but he is doing well otherwise. i was very impressed with his first physical therapy session (which i happen to be on-hand for). he was able to sit-up, rotate and hang his legs off the bed. the PT held the legs so that gravity did pull them down too fast, but the rest of it was all my friend. seriously impressive.

he will also need aid when he gets home from the hospital. both of his legs were broken, one more than the other (haven’t even been able to do surgery on it because it was too broken and swollen…tuesday is the day for that). so transfers are going to be a big deal for a while. he and his best friend discussed me as an assistance, and i have offered my services as a nurse tech (what i am qualified for upon completion of this term) for the month i am out of school. i can help on weekends when i am back in school, but i don’t think it is practical for either of us during the week. i am honored that he would like my assistance. of course, i make a damn cute nurse and it helps to have something cute to look at! i was just very flattered he wanted my help. of course, i baked cookies too. a cute nurse who can bake, i mean, seriously, it is a no-brainer. (i did emphasize i am NOT a nurse. i am a first semester nursing student, but i do have some basic skills for assisting with limited mobility and such.)

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