periodic thoughts

mark shields, of shields and brooks on the PBS news hour (previously Lehrer Newshour, previously McNeil/Lehrer Newshour) reminds me of my dad. he has the same mannerisms and speech style. and he is really smart, like my dad (though different topics, obviously). anyhow, i feel all squishy when i hear him talk. like i am getting the happy familiar parts of my dad.

i thought of something else while i was driving home tonight. but can’t remember. too much nursing school

i will be reading my mortified monologue at Bedpost Confessions tomorrow night. 8pm at the USAA (next to Spiderhouse). it is terribly amusing (anatomically incorrect porn i wrote as a 14-year-old) and there will be some more sophisticated stuff as well. tantalizing and entertaining. you should all attend!

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