kitty saved

i have AWESOME neighbors! a couple found the capo, called me and then sat with him for almost 2 hours until i got back to town to catch him. i spent almost 3 hours sitting on a blanket in front of a drain pipe waiting for him to come out. then i got VERY scratched catching him. THEN i noticed his eye was really messed up. we drove to the emergency vet in austin. they wanted him to see the eye expert on monday. HE said it wasn’t a herpes flare-up (the capo has ocular herpes) but a wound. said we could stop the pain killers (but i am going to save them for a future event), reduce the antibiotic drops and start a new drop. just short of $300 later, things seem to be ok. YEAH! i got my kitty back! YEAH! optimus has his brother back!

went to the rally to restore sanity satellite in austin this weekend. it was really cool. i would have rather stayed with the DC feed the whole time, the local bands weren’t worth missing colbert being himself, but overall it was awesome. my sign was very popular:

you can also find our photo on the huffington post

and a reference to my sign (it isn’t quite the same wording as mine, but it is nice to know i am not the only one afraid of fear and spiders!) on NPR

john stewart ended with an awesome speech about just being nice to people even if they thinking differently than you do. i hope people were listening and the feeling lasts.

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