Daily Archives: October 28, 2010

the good and the not so good

good news! go through my first full week of clinicals. it was awesome. i can totally do this. we aren’t suppose to talk about clients at all. let’s just say, i got to do a bunch of stuff to help residents with their health and it was totally awesome!

my new flat is complete! (all most). katie and randy came up and did some small maintenance for me. they put my tv on the wall (AWESOME! i can bake and watch tv!) they put up my curtains (which are humorously long since my windows were so big in austin). hung my chandelier! it is over the dining table. it looks fabulous. lastly, randy put up my cat shrine shelf (katie didn’t need to help with this one). now my cat shrine, complete with cat books, both fiction and none, my cat puzzle and my cat-kitchen-utensile glasses, are as they should be.

the not so go news…the Capo is lost. he was playing around the building, and then i couldn’t find him. i have put up signs, a craigslist ad, walked the complex calling his name. i have encountered other people’s cats. but not mine. optimus prime and i miss him very much. i worry he is hungry and cold and wonders why his mom hasn’t come to help him. this is silly thinking, as far as we know, animals don’t think this way, but i still feel like this. it was my responsibility to take care of him and i blew it. i lost him. i suck.

lastly, i confirmed today my cobra goes up to ~$450, from $170, starting in december. then in february it is over completely. this is a topic i really want to stick my head in the sand about. i have made some overtures to deal with it (some crazy). it is a subject so terrifying to me, i just try not to think about it. until i go to the pharmacy and pick up my VERY expensive birth control pills (no generic). then i can’t deny it. what am i suppose to do? do i not deserve to get the medications that keep me health (i am not talking about the birth control)? aren’t i a more productive member of society healthy? it really scares me. and i don’t want to deal with it.

still a good week overall, oh, well, i did fail my second exam of my collegiate career (pharm). the first was my first in college (poly sci essay). i just suck at straight memorization. memorizing drug side effects simply doesn’t stick with me. learning how drugs work? application of understanding? i kick butt at that. regurgitating facts, not so much. just have to do well on the next 2 exam and final (which is cumulative). but i really enjoyed my clinicals. and learning about NG tubes. the program is so stimulating. and andreas liked my shoes today. that made me smile. and i am baking a pie with my new roomy, mo. so i can’t complain, really.